LADi® - Water display designed for shows and exhibitions, trade stands and trading shows, multimedia shows, water-based architecture... 
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L á m i n a   d e   A g u a   D i g i t a l   I n t e r a c t i v a ®


    The most important feature that makes Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva® system a world-wide state-of-the-art unique facility is based in the combination of spectacular water shaping and color lighting effects added to its ability of displaying images, graphic effects and text messages, all of them made of water.
By combining water, lighting and sound effects, you can obtain astonishing results that make LADi® system the best solution in environments demanding quick and reliable means for capturing public attention, such as:
    -  Commercial areas, galleries and shopping centers.
    -  Leisure areas.
    -  Conference and exhibition halls (permanent and portable facilities).
    -  Trade stands.
    -  Hotels and resorts.
    -  Shows and clubs.
    -  Avenues, parks, gardens, roundabouts, etc...
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