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Recommended Videos
Recommended Videos

Schweppes Trade Stand at Madrid Tennis Open 2012
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva
LADi® System integrated into a trade stand by Schweppes, located at Caja Mágica stadium during Madrid Tennis Open 2012.
Special Program for Christmas Eve at Plaza del Milenio in Valladolid
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva
LADi® System performs special Christmas program during Christams and New Year holidays. It also performs two new standard effects recently added to system management software: real-time date/time display, and jukebox function.
Special Program for San Isidro 2011 Festival in Madrid
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva
LADi® System mounted at permanent facility in Plaza de Colón in Madrid performed a special program for San Isidro 2011 Festival.
Audio Waveform Show
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva
LADi System has recently added a new water effect to its special effect brochure. This newly added effect is called "Audio Waveform Show" and is based in displaying audio waveforms made of water in Real Time (while audio is being played or performed). Audio is captured from mic/line in input or from speaker output as desired.

Water effect demo videos >>