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Lighting Programming
Lighting Programming

"Colour Programming" control group located at general LADi® system programming screen, provides the user with an intuitive interface to quickly setting up custom colour sequences to be executed by RGB LED wallwashers included in the system.
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

Setting up a colour program for LADi® is as simple as defining a colour event sequence where each colour event consists of the following parameters:
    -  Colour. RGB value defining light colour components.
    -  Still Colour Time. Time measured in seconds while the system displays the selected RGB colour value.
    -  Crossfade Colour Time. Time measured in seconds established to execute a colour fade from current event RGB value to next event RGB value.
Regardless its simplicity, this colour programming interface covers most demanding colour programs.
If more accurate or more complex colour programming is needed, or system colour light must be synchronized to external events (as requied in many live shows), RGB LED wallwashers have available DMX512 control input, so external third-party dimmer controllers or light control boards may be used to drive LADi® lighting system.
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