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L á m i n a   d e   A g u a   D i g i t a l   I n t e r a c t i v a ®


    LADi® Software
Main Screen
Main Screen

After booting up the touchscreen operating system, a window pops up displaying current system status.
This screen displays currently executing program (1) as well as current system date and time (2).
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

Access to manufacturer/distributor info is gained through "About us..." button (3) and general system programing screen is accessed by pushing "System Programming" button (4).
General system programming screen provides the user with a complete interface to the whole software functionality, as shown below:
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

In the picture above it can be noted that all user controls are distibuted in four groups of controls: "Active Programs" (5), "Water Programming" (6), "Colour Programming" (7) y "Program Schedule" (8).
"Active Programs" control group includes a list of programs stored in the system database and enables program management through a set of command buttons, as shown in next picture:
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

The other three control groups contain information related to the program selected in the list control located into "Active Programs" group. These groups are explained in the following sections.
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