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Water Programming  (Audio Programming)

(Watch jukebox audio demonstration video)
(Watch live-performance demonstration video)

Audio Effect Programming Screen lets the user manage Audio Blocks (sets of audio waveform based water effects).
User can easily create water effects based in audio waveform being played from internal application jukebox or performed from external audio source.
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

When internal audio jukebox is selected as audio source, the user can upload as many playlists as desired and create control events in order to manage them while the program is executed by the system.
Regardless audio comes from internal jukebox or external source, the user may use each audio channel (left/right) separately or in combination, provided that stereo audio information comes from the mentioned audio source.
Regarding water shapes displayed by the water curtain, some waveform patterns are available to the user including audio waveforms, audio waveform envelopes or contours, or both audio waveforms combined with waveform contours.
This effect is really astonishing, watching audio waveforms made of water (or as holes in a water curtain) being released while music is played or performed.
This water effect is protected by international patent.
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