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Water Programming  (Text Programming)

(Watch demonstration video)

Text Message Programming Screen lets the user manage Text Blocks (sets of lines of text).
User can easily generate a Text Block by means of grouping independent lines of text. Controls are supplied to the user in order to access these lines of text and modify, delete or re-order them.
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

Each text line accepts the following parameters:
    -  Text Contents. The screen integrates a keyboard, letting the user typing the desired text message for the current line of text.
    -  Display Mode. When positive display mode is selected, text characters in the line are made of water. When negative display mode is selected, text characters are displayed as holes or voids in a water curtain surface.
    -  Display Speed. This parameter controls the display time delay between consecutive characters in the line of text. It allows displaying message characters in a progresive way or all at the same time. (Please visit our video gallery in order to see some videos).
    -  Message Format. Lets the user configure text font typeface (TrueType fonts included), character height, character width and line alignment (left, center o right alignment).
Finally, command buttons located into "Programmed Text Sequence" group let the user manage currently inserted lines of text into the Text Block, so they can be modified/updated, deleted or re-ordered.
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