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    LADi® System
System Components
System Components

As explained in previous section, LADi® system is basically an ornamental water fountain shaped as a water curtain, and consequently, it is composed by the same elements as any ornamental water fountain including water tank, pumping system, water pipes, a main water pipe or water distributor and water outputs (valves and nozzles).
The number and configuration of these elements will change depending on the system facility configuration distinguishing among portable facilities and permanent facilities.
Since in LADi® permanent facilities the location of these components depend on the specific characteristics of the facility location (such as a built-in water tank, the use of non-submersible pumps located in dedicated control-rooms, etc.), this section describes the components of portable LADi® system.
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

1. Casing / Enclosure
The system enclosure is made of AISI 304 stainless steel plates. It allows customization by sticking printed vinyl screens with images and logos in order to obtain the desired finished in both indoor and outdoor environments. (Please note that this elemento only applies to portable systems)
2. Water Tank
Collects and stores water ejected by the nozzles, allowing its filtering and pumping it again through pipes to water distributor. LADi® recycles its water in order to minimize water consumption. Can be installed flat on the ground or embedded in the soil as required in each facility.
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

3. Pumping and Filtering
The pumping system is composed by pre-filter, pump and filter. Pre-filter prevents larger dirt particles from reaching the pump. The pumping device pumps water from the tank and sends it to the filter and distribution pipes. The filter catches particles larger than 0.15mm, preventing valves at distributor from clogging. Self-cleaning filter significantly reduces maintenance tasks.
4. Conduction and Structural Support
Side column pipes allow water conduction from the tank, and through pump and filter, to valves and nozzles mounted under water distributor. They also act, along with the tank, as structural support of the entire system.
5. Water Distributor
It is a rectangular pipe responsible for supplying water to all valves composing the waterfall.
6. Water Output
Water output stage consists of a row of valves and nozzles. Valves are connected to water distributor from which they feed. Nozzles are connected to each valve output and are responsible for providing volume, shape and texture to water curtain.
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

7. Lighting System
Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva® features a spectacular LED-based lighting system. This system includes a set of RGB wallwasher projectors attached to water distributor, so providing a completely uniform illumination on the entire waterfall surface. Moreover, as lighting system is DMX-controlled, it can be driven using both integrated LADi® solution lighting interface or third-party external DMX dimmers.
8. Control System
Control system includes a touch screen and auxiliary control and communications equipment providing valve synchronized operation. Touch screen application software allows sound, water (text and graphic effects) and lighting programming as well as program scheduling.
9. Power Switchboard
Power switchboard is responsible for providing power to all system components. Includes all the necessary protection and control elements, start/stop switches, manual/auto mode switches, etc...
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