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    LADi® System
Permanent & Portable Facilities
Permanent & Portable Facilities

LADi® system is available to our customers to be mounted in both permanent facilities and portable facilities.
The main difference among both options is based in the location of each system element described in System Components section, as the electronic control system and management software are exactly the same in both cases.
While in portable system option all the elements are integrated in a single structure, as described in System Components section, the system mounted in a permanent facility is more flexible regarding the location of system elements because all of them must fit current architectural requirements and restrictions.
As a consequence, in LADi® permanent facilities, and always under customer demand, all control and power boards use to be mounted into a separate room or maintenance room.
The same applies to water tank, which use to be built embedded in the soil for LADi® permanent facilities instead of the modular unmountable water tank used in the portable version of the system.
Of course, water pump will be located into the water tank or into a separate maintenance room depending on some criteria specific to each facility (water volume needed, pipe input locations in main water distributor, etc.).
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LADi® permanent facility example
Pump and control boards are placed into a separate maintenance room.

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