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L á m i n a   d e   A g u a   D i g i t a l   I n t e r a c t i v a ®


    LADi® System
Modular Design
Modular Design

LADi® is a completely modular solution, from control system design to mechanical assemblies perspective (tank, brackets, distributor, outputs, etc.).
LADi - Lámina de Agua Digital Interactiva

This feature eases system mounting tasks and provides many other advantages including the following:
    -  Unlimited length. By assembling water output sections each other, LADi® system can range from a few meters to several hundred meters in length.
    -  Unified control. Our patented modular control system is capable of simultaneously controlling thousands of valves, so controlling virtually unlimited length facilities.
    -  Factory test. Since each water output section is fully functional, operation tests can be performed at our factory facilities before being shipped to mounting destination, saving costs and easing mounting tasks.
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