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    Sales Network  (Americas)
  Please select one of our sales contact in America among those listed below.

If you can not find any sales representative at your country o you want to become a member of our Sales Network in your country, please contact us at Global contact information section.


Oasis Fuentes
Calle 2 Norte 1414, La Libertad
Puebla (MÉXICO)
Phone: 01 222 618 21 35
Cellular: 045 222 609 70 51
Contact: Salomé Ferrer

Cishsa Comercial S.A. de C.V
Avenida Sinaloa #7 Colonia plan de ayala, Tuxtla Gutierrez
Chiapas (MÉXICO)
Phone 1: +52 961 613 2449
Phone 2: +52 961 615 6938


Arquitectura de Vanguardia S.A.C.
Calle Chaquilchaca 258 Maranga - San Miguel
Lima (PERÚ)
Phones: 451-0954 / 663-9129
Nextel ID: (99) 824*9845
Cellular: 988-078-887
Contact: Mr. José Ricardo Sarco Baluarte

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